How Much Per Pound Does Scrap Metal Sell For In Kentucky?


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The price of scrap metal depends on what metal it is. For example metals like copper will cost a lot more for scrap then the likes of steel. This is because it is a better and more sought after metal. Typical values for a metal mix are about $200 a tonne in Kentucky.
However as we have said this depends on the metal. More precious metals such as copper or brass will go for a lot more than scrap metal that is full of wastage.
Scrap metal prices are like any commodity price and depend on the simple economics of supply and demand. Because of this it means that these prices are subject to change from time to time depending on the amount of the goods in the market.

A good place to check the price of scrap metal prices is this site. It will show you the price you will get on average for scrap metal in an area as well as the price for certain types of scrap metal.

For example:
General scrap tungsten carbide sells for $6.00/lb 20lb approx
Specialty tungsten carbide up to $11.00/lb clean/non coated 100lb

These prices as we have said are all subject to change every MMetalday and you should check for the prices before you go and sell your metal. Ideally you should chart the prices and be able to measure a peak or a trough in the market. This will mean that you do no sell at a bad price if you can afford to hold out for a far better one.

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