What Is Relation Between Science And Human Happiness?


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Actually, man has made his life easy through the way of science. The many discoveries and inventions till today, do our day to day activities simple.  Then it may be fire and wheel to the cooking gases and airoplans. It may be from the vacume cleaner to wahing machine etc, anything...    We make our life more comfortable and easy through science. Computers, tv.s are the perfect examples for it. The whole world has become too small because of it. People can interact between themselves through the mediums like telephones, net, and what not !!    Now see, I am seeting in India, and writing this answer. You might be in US, Africa, Newzeland, europe... Anywhere in the world...!!!    So, all these things i.e. Science gives us lot of comfort, pleasure, and happiness..  Then it may be social science or physical science ...  We can't remove this science from our life, which makes our life simple and easy. Life is nothing without science . As we get a lot of such type of happiness from it, there is the best and undividable relation between science and human happiness....!!!!        - shruti parulekar,    mumbai.
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Science, especially Psychological science derived ways to tinkle the happy thoughts in humans. Take a look at Science for Happy Mind and Body.
Psychiatrists do devise ways to understand the depressive and gloomy
side of humans and find therapies to get rid of them. After all Just
smiling is happiness, It is inner face glowing happiness that makes us
feel accomplished, that matters and different branches of science goes deep into studying that.
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Happiness is not a simple thing to measure. However, we are slowly finding a way of how to get bigger happiness. Many of the scientific studies identify some main areas on which we can work on: Like

1.    Communication :
Some people are happy with one or two close friends while some people are very social and they remain happy when they are surrounded by people all the time. Some people very reserve and they are happy when they are alone. This scientific study shows that how much people are willing to participate in constructive activities. This shows that the cooperation of an individual lead to happiness.
2.    Caring:
People who take out time to help and care people around them are normally happier than other. In this people develop a strong connection between the comfort and happiness of people; and on the other hand the love they show in their attitudes and actions make people happy.
3.    Exercise:
Regular exercise affects the mood and releases depression. The exercise helps in good circulation of blood which makes people look better and happier than before.

There are many other things like inner satisfaction, Religion, accomplishment of goal, Positive thinking and so on, which make  people happy. Psychiatrists are always there to help you in this regard. If some thing is disturbing you or you remain depress go to Psychiatrist; He will tell you how to remain happy and how live a healthy life.

Now I hope you have a clear picture of Relation Between Science And Human Happiness.

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