Please Show A Model On Biology In Human Welfare And How We Can Made It?


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Human welfare is the state of well being and biology contributes to this in many ways. You do not say what aspect of biology you are thinking of (it is an absolutely massive subject) and for what level so it isn't really possible to answer your question without more definition.

• The body and its diseases
One aspect of biology that has huge implications for human welfare is the study of diseases and how they may be cured. Millions of dollars are spent every year in pursuit of this goal, and although there have been very many breakthroughs, the quest is a long way from being over.

As well as looking at ways of curing disease, biology also examines what causes disease. In some instances, life style and social conditions are primary causes, so the more information that can be found, the better human welfare will be.

• Genetics
Another huge subject under the biology umbrella and that has an impact on human welfare is genetics. This can also be linked to diseases, as some diseases have been found to be in the makeup of some families' genetics and so proactive decisions can be made regarding them.

• The environment and eco systems
Again, another massive subject that biologists study in order to improve, not just the human condition, but animal welfare and the entire world.

Simply from the three examples that have been given, it is possible to see that biology is an enormous subject with huge impacts on human welfare.

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