What Is Your Favorite Season Of The Year, And Why ?


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I love winter, because I love cold weather and snow, and Christmas time.  I feel better in the colder weather, and fresh snow is so pretty- sparkling like diamonds, the ice on the trees look like sugar frosting- a real fairy land.  Fall is nice with the turning of the leaves and the cooler temps.
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I love winter. I like Christmas, that is when my savior Jesus was born. I really like how the trees look when they have ice crystals on them. It looks like the forest in "Narnia"(a place from a book by C.L. Lewis). I like being with my family around this time, because if you get lucky, you get snow days, and get to stay in and sit by the crackling fire. I remember when my dad would go chop wood, that we would keep when large branches from trees would fall in summer storms.
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Got to do Fall. Mosquitos are dead. Hurricanes are gone. And HALLOWEEN!
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Autumn is my favorite because of the colors even though they don't last that long. Peace
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I really love all seasons the more I think about it, spring because all things are new and fresh, summer because of the warmth and the gardening and fishing season, fall for the foliage and harvesting season, and the winter because of the snow falling, because it is so peaceful to see it ever so gentle, and smells wonderful.
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Laura Smith
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I really do too, but i think a favorite is fall. cinnamon, hot cocoa, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, french vanilla cool whip YUM :)
Jacquelyn Mathis
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It's about the comfort food too?
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 Winter is my favorite time of the year.
I live in Florida, so the weather is cool and crisp.
 I love to spend my days outside playing in my flower garden.
Lots of birds migrate here in the winter, so I set out lots of sunflower seeds in anticipation of their arrival.
My favorite are the flocks of red-winged black birds that visit my back yard. It is a flurry of red and black swooping in to feed after their long flight. It is stunning to watch them land and take off. All in unison.
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I love Winter Spring and Summer the best! I like Winter because where I live there is snow, and it is so much different, and the contrast of seasons really makes Winter special to me! I like Spring because everything is awakening, sprouting, and beginning to live again! I love to live, and I am sure nature does too! And I like summer, because it's warm, and everything goes by so quickly, and there is summer vacation, and there are so many reasons! But fall, I don't know, it is just a little too in between, and everything is kind of dying, it kind of makes me sad in a way. But I am happy that we have seasons! I love variety!
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Since I'm in Florida, I'd say winter is my favorite. The temps are in the 70s and it rarely rains.....and everyone else is freezing lol. When I was in NY, I guess Spring and Fall were best...not too hot...not too cold.
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I really love all the seasons here!!! I like winter but not the cold and the summers are nice and the fall is great!! But spring is the best!!! I love to see the new flowers blooming and the Canadian geese flying back north!!!
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I love the winter season, even though it will be cold in the night, but I love it when compared to rainy or summer season
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Since summers here are of 108-122 degree farhenheight with extreme humidity(from AUG-SEP) and extreme heat(from April-July), So summers are really difficult and least enjoyable here.
But winters here are of 28-37 farhenheight and are very much enjoyable-So, I will choose winters of Pakistan than those death penalty like summers.
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I like the monsoon season, because rain and thunder are awesome!
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I adore spring because it's the time of year when everything is rejuvenated and revivified. The birds chirping, flowers blooming and the spring breeze is deafening.
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I love all four seasons. I really can't choose. But I like winter and spring the most. Because of the temperature and the amazing scenes.
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I love the Fall! Maybe because I live in Phoenix and man does a person want some heat-relief! I grew up in Michigan however and always loved it then too! The air is so crisp, all the trees and plants are getting ready to hunker down for a rest, the Holiday are right around the corner! What a beautiful time of year!
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Oh man, I miss Fall. I live in southern California and we don't really get Fall. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where there were great seasons. Here it is just hot, hotter, fire season, hot, or wish it would rain.
I love the leaves changing colors and the crisp air. Sweater weather. I miss sweater weather.
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I'd have to say the Fall....end of the hot weather, the mosquitoes are dead, the beautiful colors of the trees, that slight nip in the air that says Old Man Winter is just around the corner, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, family get-togethers, able to drag out the sweatshirts (a personal favorite) and all the goodies you can justify eating because the holidays are here!!
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I love spring, because hat's when the snow finally melts away! I love when all the flowers bloom!
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I love spring here in nyc, it's the perfect time to enjoy the city & everything that it has to offer at it's fullest, the weather is perfect and everybody seems in a good mood.
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Here in the states my favorite season is fall. I love the different colored leaves. In my native land I like winter. Winters are pleasant in belieze.
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I love the winter,everything is regrouping itself, and getting ready for new life to makes it's debut,and I think nature is wonderful,its a chance to see it raw in the winter,and bloom in the spring,hang around through the summer and finally in the fall loose all of the dead on and around it to begin the process of rebirthing again.
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To me, every season is great. I like to experience every one because they can give me different feelings. If I have to choose one from them then maybe the spring, the symbol of new life.
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Spring. Although it's often muddy, it's a fresh start. Baby animals are born, flowers start to poke their heads out of the ground. It's relieving each year just to feel like that long winter is done.
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Summer as it means I can enjoy the weather, all the BBQs, the garden in all its glory and the chance to take my sailboat out onto the water and enjoy some long leisurely sailing !
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You know, I also like winter because this is cold. So, if I meet a girl from this site https://www.askme4date.com she will invite me home to watch a film because it is cold to walk outside. So, we all know what happens next and that's why I love winter.

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Mine would have to be fall, when the leaves on the trees are changing and it starts getting cooler even the air smells different.

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