When We Are Doing The Electrolysis Of NaNO3 And H2SO4.After Ionization And Electrolysis What Has Happened To The Electrolyte At The End Of Reaction Process?


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For sodium nitrate
NaNO3=Na+ and NO3-
H20=H+ and OH-

At anode=4OH-=2H2O + O2 + 4e-
at cathode = 4H+ + 4e- = 2H2
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           Cathode   and             anode
H2SO4(aq)    H2(g)                              O2 (g)
NaNO3              H2(g)                              O2 (g)

At Cathod Sodium is not discharged but H2 ions are discharged. Sodium remains in solution and more H2 ions are formed at the end of Electrolysis. At anode SO4-  and  nitrate ions are not discharged but only OH- ions are discharged. This form water and oxygen at the end.

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