How To Draw A Magnesium Atom?


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Magnesium is the element of Group II of the periodic table. The atomic number of magnesium is 12 and its mass number is 24.31. You can check the uploaded picture and electronic configuration is explained below:

There are three shells in magnesium atom and there are two electrons in the first shell, eight in the second shell and two in the third shell. There are total 12 electrons in magnesium atom and 2 electrons are present in the outermost shell of magnesium. For more details: Magnesium atom
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You did not provide an explanation of how the octet rule, Hunds rule, the Aufbau and Pauli principle govern the electron configuration. The depiction of Mg is very loose and should have provide a 3D image.
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Well there are 3 rings around the nucleus, in the first ring has 2 electrons, second ring holds 8 electrons, and the 3rd ring holds 2 electrons.
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