How Many Moles Of Oxygen Gas Will Be Produced By The Complete Electrolysis Of 8.6 Moles Of Water?


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The formula for water is H2O and a molecule of oxygen is O2. The equation  for electrolysis of water is:

H2O ------> 2H+ (g) + 1/2O2 (g)

One mole of water is therefore electrolyzed to produce half a mole of oxygen.
Therefore 8.6 moles of water would produce the following moles of oxygen:

8.6 = 4.3

Therefore, 4.3 moles of oxygen gas produced by electrolysis of 8.6 moles of water.

If we had to find the mass of oxygen produced from this amount, we will just multiply the number of moles of oxygen with its molecular mass (16+16=32).
Mass of oxygen produced = 32 x 4.3
  = 137.6 g

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