Discuss The Transition To Agriculture. How, In Turn, Did That Mold The Development Of Government?


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Although this would not necessarily be the first link you would make with two quite different professions, it is certainly true that with the development of agriculture came in the implementation of what we would now class as a government.

  • The transition from hunter-gatherer to agriculture
The transition to agriculture was from a more traditional hunter gatherer style life which was used for many centuries in the past and is still currently used by some countries in the developing world.

Agriculture is the growing of crops and breeding of livestock to produce food and materials to use or sell. There are numerous theories as to why there was a move away from the more traditional life of hunting to agriculture.

One of the most accepted theories is that climate change resulted in more favorable growing conditions in certain areas resulting in communities growing in these areas. As food and other produce were being used up they replanted and restocked to maintain their supplies. This allowed people to remain in one place on a permanent basis which produced the need for some implementation of laws.

  • Governmental Development
An overall power was required to oversee this development and change; and rules were required to ensure fairness was ensured. A 'government' was responsible for these factors and in the future became responsible for the rules and regulations surrounding growth, usage, exchanging and buying and selling.

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