What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Agriculture?


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Some major advantages of agriculture are as follows :

1) A country primarily indulging in agriculture rarely faces a shortage and does not have to rely on imported sources for food production. With agriculture they can be self sufficient in crops, raw materials for clothing, livestock and dairy products.

2) With the growing shortage of food in the world an emphasis is being laid now on enhancing agricultural production in order to keep food items at an affordable level for the world populations.

The major disadvantages of agriculture are :

1) When the harvest season is off many people who's primary source of income is agriculture tend to look for employment opportunity elsewhere since not all crops are produced all year round and once they've tilled the land and planted the crops they are left unemployed, especially after the harvest season.
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Disadvantages1. The fertilisers and pesticides go into the soiil and kill harmful micro organisms.
2. They reduce the humus in the soil.
3. They cause no improvement of soil texture as they do not add manure to the soil.
4. They do not add different nutrients to the soil.
5. They are very expensive
1. It gives specific nutrients to the soil in large quantities.
2. The pesticides easily kill the pests and harmful micro organisms in the soil.
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