What Is Important Of Agriculture?


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Agriculture is very important for a country's economic stability and welfare. If a country's agricultural sector is so productive that it can yield enough to feed the country's entire population, it does not have to import food from other countries. If the country's agriculture sector is so productive that it can produce enough to feed the population as well as create a surplus which can be exported, that results in great economic gain for that particular country. If, however, a country's agricultural sector is unproductive and is unable to produce enough to meet the needs of it's population, it adversely affects that country's economy since then it has to import food stuff from other countries which costs a lot. As a result the goods are sold in the local markets at higher rates which the most of its population can't afford. Thus, it leads to inflation and conomic instability. Therefore, it is very important for any country to have a healthy and productive agricultural sector which can provide for it's population and also boost trade with other countries.
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Agriculture is very important in our country. We can exports products to other country and we earn money..that money we earn we can use it to improve our agricultural products and also we improve our country.

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