What Qualifications Do I Need To Teach A Level Psychology At A Sixth Form Or Adult Education College?


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The rules for teaching in Sixth Forms or Adult Education Colleges (otherwise known as Further Education, or FE) are different than from schools. You do not necessarily need a degree, vocational qualifications can sometimes suffice. However, for Psychology A-Levels, it must be assumed that to have the necessary vocational knowledge, you will already hold a degree. You will also need a teaching qualification like a PGCE or a Cert. Ed.

Many people fancy the idea of teaching in FE because they believe that they will not have to deal with unappreciative learners and that everybody they get in their classroom will be totally motivated and a pleasure to teach. This isn’t always the case, as many tutors know from personal experience! Departments can change and suddenly you have all the kids (16-year-olds) who have to be in college because they left school and didn’t have any other training in place, and boy, do they resent you!

Having said that, there are some really great moments teaching in FE; because your students are older, you don’t need to treat them like children, and even the ones with issues and who can be disruptive and a little bit challenging can be rewarding. Sometimes, you’ll extend beyond your job description as you are made to feel like a surrogate parent or a social worker, and having the influence of the lives of these students can make going into work every morning all the more worthwhile.

If you want more information, governmental websites provide details about pay, conditions and the other perks of becoming a teacher at an FE institution. Teachers are always in demand, so why don't you find out more?
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You just need to have a qualified teacher status along with relevant degree related to psychology. Look at the following site for more information.


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