The Perimeter Of A Square Is M Meters. How Long, In Centimeters, Is Each Side Of The Square?


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There are two parts to the problem:
1) find the length of the side when you are given the perimeter
2) convert from meters to centimeters.

Side from Perimeter
We know a square has four sides of equal length, and the perimeter is the sum-total length of those sides. Let "s" be the length of one side. Then
M = 4s
M/4 = s   (divide both sides of the equation by 4)

Units Conversion
Any units conversion represents multiplication by 1. The trick is to choose useful units and appropriate values for the representation of 1 that is used. Here, we choose (100 cm)/(1 m) for the value of 1 that we want to multiply by. We choose this because we want the measure in centimeters, we have the measure in meters, and we know that 100 cm = 1 m.

s(100 cm)/(1 m) = (M meters/4)(100 centimeters)/(1 meter)
 = ((M)(100)/4)(centimeters)(meter/meter)
s = 25M cm, where M is the perimeter length in meters.

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M/4 meters
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M divided by four gives the length of each side in meters. Multiply your answer by 100 to get centimeters

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