How many 60 cm x 60cm tiles do i need for a 32 square meter room?


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As the tiles are square shaped so the area of each tile is side x side. Each tile has a side of 60 cm = 0.6 meters.

Number of tiles x  Area of each tile = Area of room
So number of tiles = Area of room / Area of each tile

Area of each tile = Area of Square = Side x Side = 0.6 x 0.6 = 0.36 square meters

So the number of tiles is 32 / 0.36 = 88.889

Note that you will not be able to cover the room completely as you cannot have a 0.8 tile (unless you can cut it).
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The safest way to estimate the number of tiles is to determine how many tiles it takes to cover a rectilinear area slightly larger than your room. If the room is rectangular, divide each dimension by 60 cm and round up the result to the nearest integer. Then find the product of those integers.

  The room is 2.4 m by 13 1/3 m. 2.4/.6=4 tiles will fit nicely in one direction, but it takes (40/3)/(6/10)=22 2/9 rounded to 23 tiles to cover the other direction. Thus, one might order 4*23=92 tiles unless one were confident one tile could be cut 4 times to fill in the odd space where a fractional tile is needed.

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