What's The Difference Between Frequency And Wave Speed?


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     Electromagnetic Waves (Radio Waves) are measured by either counting the frequency that a wave will vary at, or by the length of the wave. Notice that one is a measurement in FREQUENCY and the other in LENGTH. FREQUENCY is asking how many times will the wave repeat itself in a given time frame (aka period). The other one is a measure of DISTANCE or how long before the wave will repeat itself.
     A wave's FREQUENCY is measured in Hertz. Before 1966, frequency was measured in Cycles per Second. A wave's distance is called its WAVELENGTH and is measured in meters-- even in the English system. Time is not a factor.
     Now if you think about it, if a wave has a distance to go and it must do it all in ONE SECOND, then the LONGER the wave the LOWER the frequency. This is true. There is even a formula for it:

Wavelength= speed of the wave/ frequency.

Now the SPEED of any wave is constant. 300,000,000 meters per second. At this point you should be able to determine the FREQUENCY in HERTZ of a wave when you know its wavelength or the WAVELENGTH in METERS of a wave when you know its Frequency.

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