Why Is It More Of A Strain On The Extrinsic And Intrinsic Muscles To Look At Close Objects Than At Far Objects?


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Looking at close up objects can make the intrinsic muscles feel strained because a larger degree of convergence is needed in the eyes to maintain clear vision. For instance, if you try to look at your nose, which is very close to your eyes, your eyes can begin to feel strained after a number of seconds. When looking at objects that are far away, your eyes are still focused more or less in the forwards direction, and hence are in their relaxed state. It is more comfortable to look at objects that are in the distance than it is to look at those very close for this reason.
It should be noted that the extrinsic eye muscles are not affected by whether or not objects are being viewed close up or far away. The extrinsic muscles simply control in which direction your eyes are looking. It is unusual for them to feel particularly strained.
  • What to do if your eyes feel strained
If your eyes are feeling strained or painful, you should go to see an optician for an eye test. Whilst at your test, you should explain your problem so the optician is aware of your symptoms. They should then prescribe you a pair of specialist glasses designed for those with strained eyes. These glasses will help prevent your eye muscles feeling so strained. In addition, it may be beneficial to reduce the amount of time you spend looking a screen, whether this be on a computer or a television.
  • What to do if you notice your vision deteriorating
If you notice that your vision is deteriorating, either in short bursts or constantly, you should consult an opticians for an eye test as soon as possible. They will likely prescribe you with a pair of glasses and may recommend optical treatment.

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