What Are Some Pictures Of Economic Activity?


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There are many different ways to display economic activity in visual form.

Essentially, anything that involves the production and distribution of services and goods falls into this category.

The term can also refer to employment, unemployment and the demand for goods and resources.

To capture all this in to one picture would be impossible, so if you're looking for pictures of economic activity I'd suggest having a look at the following:

Pictures of economic activity

This picture is an economic map of Brazil in 1977.
It shows the different types of economic activity undertaken in the country, and gives an insight into industries that thrive in the country.

This picture of Times Square in New York shows a bustling city full of people, vehicles, buildings- all things that contribute to the activity of the economy.

This satirical picture of a Nike sweatshop is a visual representation of the globalization of economic activity.

Pretty much any image search you perform on Google will return a picture of some sort of economic activity.

Hope that helps!
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There are various economic activities which are being carried out at any specific moment. I have uploaded a picture of economic activity.

Another diagram is available at the link, which is related with economic activity of writing. I hope these pictures will work for you

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