Can Anyone Give Me The Current Price Of Scrap Steel In Michigan?


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The price of scrap metal in Michigan may fluctuate on a day to day basis, so the best way of checking the current prices is to look at a website that lists the prices for that specific day. One example can be found at this link:
The price of scrap metal will also depend on the particular type of metal you are looking for. Copper will vary in price differently to aluminum for instance. It is best to think about what you are going to be using the scrap metal for and this will then in turn help you decide what to buy.

Perhaps you are after a cheap deal so you can then sell it on to metal dealers or you are hoping to use it in a building project you are working on at home. There may also be some individuals who have a pile of scrap metal at home and are hoping to make some extra money. In this situation, make sure you check how much you could get per pound or ton of metal that day online by checking a link like the one listed above. Then go to a junk yard or a metal dealer to bargain with them to get a good price for your metal.

Those selling scrap metal need to keep a close eye on the market and ensure they are selling their goods at the best price for the day in question. 

In recent years the value of scrap metal has increased by almost 300 per cent, making it a prime target for criminal gangs. In the UK, the large train networks have been targeted by criminals stealing metal from the railway tracks. In Milwaukee USA, police have had to launch an initiative to stop vehicles being stolen and sold for scrap metal in the city. Vehicles can no longer be sold without correct proof of ownership, identification or titles.
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The current price is around $50 per ton depending on what recycler you take it to.  Prices of scrap have gone down substantially and change on a daily basis. To get daily and current pricing of scrap metals you can try searching the web for sites that provide current scrap metal prices.
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2.52 a pound!!! Copper isn't even that high dumb a$$!!!!  You would do very good if you could get over 4 cents per pound
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Checked 05/06/10 local scrap yard copper 2.40a pound and steel 140.00 a ton
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The current price of scrap steel is 2.52 per lb U.S. But thing to keep in consideration is that scrap prices change on a daily basis.

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