What Is Current Price For Scrap In Las Vegas?


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Scrap prices vary on grade and type.  There are many types of scrap both ferrous and non ferrous.  Prices ranges for some common scrap metals are below as of feb 3, 3009:

Old Mixed Aluminum 0.16  0.21 lbs USD
Old Yellow Brass 0.44  0.73 lbs USD
No.2 Scrap Copper 1.02  1.17 lbs USD
Mixed Lead 0.23  0.38 lbs USD
Nickel Scrap 3.41  4.54 lbs USD
No.2 Steel 172.80  216.00 ton USD
Stainless Scrap 0.35  0.47 lbs USD
Old Mixed Zinc Scrap 0.17  0.33 lbs USD

Prices fluctuate and vary from region to region.


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