What Color Is The Planet Pluto?


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The dwarf planet Pluto is actually a dirty brown color - even though it's mostly made of ice!

If Pluto Is Made Of Ice, Why Isn't It White?
Pluto hasn't been directly observed by a space craft yet, so we're not entirely sure. However, NASA are hoping to send a space craft to Pluto before 2015, so hopefully we'll soon have the answers!

Astronomers are pretty sure that Pluto is brown, with a highly-reflective, icy surface.

How Do We Know that Pluto Is Brown?
Astronomers made some pretty complex calculations involving Pluto's moon Charon and the way light was reflected, and came to the conclusion that Pluto is a brownish color.
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Pluto appears to be yellow-ish orange in colour.

Pluto's Planetary Status
Pluto no longer has the status of a planet, but in earlier years, it was the ninth and smallest plant of the solar system.

Pluto is smaller in size than the moon, which is the only natural satellite of the Earth. Charon is the only moon of Pluto.

Discovery of Pluto
Pluto was discovered by Percival Lowell, an American astronomer, in the year 1905, as a result of a telescopic search. Pluto has a diameter of about 2,320 kilometres or about 1,440 miles.

The diameter of Charon is about half of that of its parent planet Pluto. If seen from the cold, dark atmosphere found on the surface of Pluto, the sun appears to be a small bright star.

What's Pluto Made Of?
Pluto consists of rocks and ice. A thin atmosphere is formed when Pluto is nearer to the sun, but when Pluto moves away from the sun, the atmosphere gets frozen.
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Pluto is a dark-coffee color.

It is one of the dwarf planets in our solar system, and is mostly made out of water and ice. There are three known satellites of Pluto: Charon, Nix and Hydra.
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Yellow-ish orange.
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Pluto is no longer a planet. It's blue because it's a giant ice ball. I studied the planet for my science project and have to agree it should have never been a planet.

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