Did The Planet Pluto Actually Explode, Or Is It Just Not Considered A Planet Anymore?


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No, if a planet that was is our solar system exploded, it would be in the headlines. What was said is that it did not meet the criteria to be considered a planet. It's size was the factor that caused this. Now that we have better technology, it is easier to determine things like this.
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yes it was reported on the News the following night that Pluto exploded.  But they were wrong.  It was a large rock floating behind Pluto that broke apart losing large chunks of ice making it appear as though Pluto has exploded.  The news is too quick to hype things up.

I remember the day vividly.  I was in agony from gall stones while being tortured in Coffs Harbour Hospital being taken for a junkie.  As I was screaming Pluto has exploded at 5pm to my torturers.  It wasn't seen by the Hobble until 9:30pm as it takes 4.5 hours for the light to reach here.

I now know that light is not the fastest.  But what was that?

I have been suffering severe PTSD since that fateful day.

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Hah interesting answer, thanks for sharing! I didn't hear anything about Pluto supposedly exploding, guess they worked out it wasn't true before the news could get to the UK...

As I understand it, Pluto has been demoted from planetary status after it was discovered that ice/rock formations of a similar size can be found all over the solar system, and including Pluto as a planet would mean having to classify all similar space objects as planets.
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No, Pluto did not explode. Scientists realised there were many "rocks" in space of a similar size, so it was either count them all as planets, or drop pluto...

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I think that the planet was not there in our solar system... Peoplejust make rumours around.

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No Pluto is a planet made of ice and seems incapable of exploding. And only turn to gas when it is closest to the sun. It can't have exploded.

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Nope.. Pluto is one of our planets before. It just change up its axis of rotation and now becomes a moon of the nearest planet to Pluto, the Neptune.

Pluto now is only a moon ^^
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No, Science has determined that Pluto is not a planet. They have reclassified it as a moon.
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It did exploded!! It said on the new's. They said it's some kind of star.I know because my friend's and teacher said it exploded. I was surprized!! And remember It's not online.
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Pluto didn‘t. Scientists have now declared that Pluto isn’t an actual planet, it's more of a moon because it‘s so small. I’ve basically repeated what Debossman has said :L Sorry. Lol.
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No,it's not considered a planet anymore. Life is just not fair. It's been a planet since before we were born and a cute little one on top of that, like Disney's overgrown puppy with the same name. However Die4m3 is right. Bingo,gone!! It'll be a planet as long as I think of it that way. Did you hear the news? They think they found one farther away and now we still only have 9, because poor Pluto was demoted.
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If Pluto Actually Explode, Our Earth Would Have Extreme Weather Patterns.

Mr. Frederick Bird

Portland, Oregon
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Actually its not explode its very cold because of it moon and that pluto is becoming stone so pluto is not explode and its just very far away
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That is odd. To my knowledge the powers that be just decided that Pluto didn't match their new criteria to be considered at planet any more. Can they really leave any thing alone? My grandson made a beautiful display of the solar system just prior to this. It's ridiculous that now all of a sudden, after all this time someone or someones make these decisions. Hey, just my opinion. Maytag
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I was thinking the same thing. That was all I could find online also. I actually asked her did she mean literally explode and she said thats what the teacher said, but she may have misunderstood her. I also don't understand how after all these years, they are suddenly changing this. So now how will kids remember all the planets? I remember My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nasty Pizza. What's she serving them now??? Thanks.
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No, it wasn't destroyed because the bomb that they used would be floating in space and would't hit the planet.
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Yes planet pluto did actually explode.I was pretty surprized and pretty sad but I heard some sciencest say its just a big rock so I felt better.
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Yes. Some people say that this planet did not exploed but yet this planet did exploed. Some siencest say that Pluto was a big rock.

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