What Are A Few Points About "Discipline"?


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Discipline is not something which has to b brought up by elders it is something that everyone have with themselves .it has 2 b thought by elders being like tat 2 show children 2 make it a point in life
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     Discipline can be applied to human nature as the demonstration and/or ability of self-controlled neutral mental or emotional behaviorisms. Indicators that one is exercising self-discipline are: a calm facial appearance or demeanor as though one is in deep thought with a serious look on their face.
     Discipline is a learned response of generally acceptable behaviorisms whenever engaged in human activity or interaction with other people. An example of a disciplined person is one who is familiar with most general morals already instilled, with a realization of those differences in the dual nature of human behavior such as: Good and evil; positive and negative; happy and angry.
     Proper discipline is often instilled within the individual whom may have had a strict upbringing with parents who felt it is in their child's best interest that morals of conduct, whenever interacting with other people in any setting, are applied. For instance, if a child, from a strict upbringing, behaves in a wild, uncontrollable way, such as throwing a "temper-tantrum" on the floor (writhing across the floor) or begins to raise their voice or scream or throwing objects in the air, with intent to break them, such behaviorisms are met with disciplinary actions.
     The disciplinary action often includes the denial of a favorite toy or denial of a favorite food. Often, if the degree of unacceptable behavior is more serious in nature, based on how that is defined by the parent or parents of the misbehaved child, the disciplinary outcome is sometimes either a "time-out" whereby the child must remain standing in a corner or as a more immediate response to the misbehavior, a spanking of moderate force by the hand of the parent is applied upon the child's buttocks. If this is the case, the parent applying such disciplinary action would justify their actions by proclaiming the reason as similar as the following proverb: "Spare the rod, spoil the child." 
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