What Are A Few Examples Of Amorphous Solide?


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Some examples of amorphous solids are wax, paraffin, many polymers such as polystyrene, food such as candy floss; common widow glass is an amorphous ceramic. A lot of other kinds of glass and some kinds of plastic are amorphous solids.

An amorphous solid is a solid substance with its atoms held apart, with no long-range order of position of the atoms. They can also so defined as super cooled liquids as their molecules are arranged in a random manner like in a liquid state. It we analyze the glass example further, glass is made from silicon dioxide (also known as quartz sand), which has crystalline structure. When this sand melted and the liquid is cooled quickly to avoid crystallization, glass is formed.

Amorphous solids are not very different in their solid state than they are in their liquid state. They do not show a sudden change from solid to liquid, like ice, but melt gradually as they are heated.
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An amorphous solid is a type of solid in which there is no long range order of the positioning of the constituting atoms. Solids which do have a long range order of atoms are known as crystalline or morphous solids.

A majority of categories of solid substances can be made in an amorphous form, or they can be readily found in one. For example, ordinary window glass is an amorphous substance. Other substances such as polymers like polystyrene and food items like cotton candy are amorphous substances. Substances like paraffin and wax are also amorphous.

Amorphous substances can be made by quickly cooling a substance that is in the molten state. But substances like metals cannot be easily made into an amorphous form.
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Glass is a amorphous solid.

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