When Does A Woman's Body Stop Developing?


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You still have a little time before your body stops developing. A woman can develop up to age 18 or 20. Men take slightly longer. Big Breasts have their advantages, but they have disadvantages also. Just celebrate the various phases of your body, and in time, you will be all grown up.
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I think it just all depends. You have to base it on how healthy you are and what kind of diet you're on. I had my first child at a early age so I can't tell you my experience ;p
THough if you feel unconfident about yourself,  first thoughts; NEVER have low self-esteem(common word & too much being used) but anyways there are many things out there to help yourself. I'm not talking about cosmetic surgeries or plastic surgeries. So why are you worrying for?
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I eat healthily all of the time. :) Granted, I do have the occasional sweet tooth and attack something loaded with sugar, I'm a vegetarian so it's all pretty healthy overall. But I'm like a B-cup and it doesn't seem to really even me out, you know? That and being teased about it doesn't really help my case. :P

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