Who Was The First Person To Take LSD?


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LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is a potent hallucinogen that was discovered in 1938 by the famous Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann. Dr. Hofmann who was at the time of his discovery working with Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland was experimenting with the fungus ergot that grows on the rye plant and succeeded in synthesizing lysergic acid from the fungus.

Dr. Hofmann is also the first person to have recorded the effects of LSD on the human body when he exposed himself to the effects of the drug. His first experience was when he was working in the laboratory and inadvertently came in to contact with the drug; the second time was when he deliberately ingested a minute quantity of the substance (250 micrograms).

He describes his experiences vividly as being in a dazed state seeing in the mind's eye 'fantastic images of extraordinary plasticity accompanied by an intense kaleidoscope like play of colors.' The second time around the experience came on while he was riding a bicycle with his assistant; he describes as seeing the bicycle path like 'carnival' mirrors. He also experienced an out of body experience when he lay down to rest and felt that he was viewing his body lying inanimate in front of him.

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