What Is Global Warming And What Are Its Effects?


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No one really knows exactly what the effects of global warming will be but there are some things that may happen. If greenhouse gases continue to be produced at the rate they are, it is possible that by the year 2100, the average Earth temperature could have risen by six degrees Celsius.

This is put into perspective by the fact that about 40 per cent of the world's species could face extinction if temperatures only rose by two degrees Celsius. This is because of the change in habitats, water levels and general disturbance to ecosystems.

The climate change that may result from global warming could lead to more flooding in some parts of the world but could cause droughts in other areas causing about 200 million people to be driven from their homes by the year 2050. 200 million people would also be put at risk of starvation and a massive 4 billion people could suffer the impact of water shortages.
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Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. There is increasing evidence in the world today that shows the earth is getting warmer. Since 1850, the world temperature has risen by 0.5 degree Celsius. This increase is expected to rise to 4.5 degrees Celsius by the year fifty to sixty years.

Following are some of the effects of global warming:

Melting Ice-caps:
Temperature rise has caused extensive melting of ice around the poles. Glaciers have started to retreat and sea levels have been rising since the year 1900. It is expected that this rise would be more than 1.5 meters by the year 2050. This would cause disastrous flood in low lying areas.

Climate Change:
Uneven heating of the world is causing some of the most important food producing areas to become dry and less fertile. Areas in North America and Central Europe have already started to face these problems. There is also an increasing risk of violent windstorms and rain storms.

Carbon dioxide content of air:
The amount of carbon dioxide in air should remain at a constant level of 0.003 percent. However, the outcomes of modernization are steadily increasing this content. The gas produced by industry and vehicles is much more than can be absorbed by plants. Deforestation is making this problem worse.
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Pretty much everything will warm up!  Check out what will happen then:
~Winters are warm in Canada
~Snow will melt
~Polar bears will become extinct
and most of all~Antarctica will be above freezing and there will be NO SNOW.

Please help this Earth.  Recycle.  Be Green!

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Global warming is the gradual warming of the earth.
The earth is currently going through the process of global warming. Its so widely discussed because this warming could be due to human actions, namely releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
The exact effects in the future of the current global warming we are going through are unknown, since we don't exactly know the extent to which the globe is warming. What we do know is that only a rise in temperature by a few degrees will melt the polar ice caps. Along with many animal species losing their habitats and becoming extinct, this means tonnes of fresh water will be dumped into the ocean. This will disrupt ocean currents and play havock with climate and nature. The warming of the air may also disrupt air currents and climate systems, again playing havock with nature and making natural disasters and storms common place.. With just a rise of just a few degrees, the earth would change dramatically.
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The main effect global warming has had on our society is its incredible increase on the corporations profit margins that you are sold on. It was invented as a advertising gimmick. They have caught a whole culture by its (emotional appeal) the strongest selling point ever, designed by psychologist in the 1950's.
Now by using sound bytes and all is doom the media has everyone on a string and is walking us right up the profit ladders of all these companies that are killing us with green ads that are 100% hollow if you really look at them close.
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Definition of global warming
The gradual increase in the temperature of earth is known as global warming
following are the effects of global warming

- Diseases are spreading around the world due to global warming. Insects travel to warmer places and scientist believe that malaria started because of the global warming.
- Warm water causes hurricanes, as the temperature of the ocean rises it can cause major hurricanes for example Katrina etc.
- Global warming cause droughts. When a part of earth becomes wet it cause heat intensity in some areas causing droughts as seen in Africa.
- Economic instability can be caused by global warming. Like government spending money to eradicate diseases, trying to overcome the damages caused by hurricanes and droughts.
- Last but not the least, it is causing ice melting which is increasing the amount of water in sea and the dry area of earth is reducing.

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