How Hot Is The North Pole?


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The North Pole experiences a maximum temperature of just around the freezing point, that is about zero degrees Centigrade or 32 degrees Fahrenheit in the three months of the summer season, namely the months of June, July and August.

This is, of course, in sharp contrast to the minimum temperature which the North Poles faces at the peak of the winter months, that is during the month of January. During the month of January, the minimum temperature at the North Pole can range from between minus 43 degrees Centigrade and minus 26 degrees Centigrade, which is between minus 45 degrees Fahrenheit and minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average temperature at the North Pole in the month of January is approximately minus 34 degrees Centigrade. The thickness of the sea ice at the North Pole is about two or three metres thick. The temperature at the North Pole is significantly warmer than that at the South Pole.

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