What Is The Objective Of Global Warming?


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Global warming doesn't have an objective as such because it a process which has a negative effect on the earth. Essentially global warming is the Earths' climate temperature rising at a rate that has a negative impact upon the planet.

What are the effects of global warming?

Global warming is a very serious issue. Human beings have contributed greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere through their actions such as pollution, cutting down too many trees etc.

The below video shows some more effects global warming has had on the planet and the contributing factors.

What can I do to help combat global warming?

Global warming is a global issue! However, there are several ways in which you can minimise your own contribution to global warming. For example:

  • Recycle as much as you can. The less of a need there is  for packaging such as plastic, the less carbon dioxide is produced in factories supplying these materials.
  • Use your car less. Walk and cycle to your destination as often as you can, or car pool. Using the car less reduces the emission of gases which contribute to pollution.
  • Plant a tree. Trees are the Earths' carbon dioxide vacuums, if you will. They absorb all of the carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen we breathe. However we always need more trees as the population grows and we need to combat increased levels of pollution.

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