Why Are Chinese People So Smart?


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If you know how hard Chinese students study, you will think they actually not smart enough.
I am Chinese, I wish I could say yes, we are born smart, the truth is that, I have to take a lot of tests, I have to learn knowledge in a not creative way.
Compare to smart, I wish I have happy teenage life.
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"If you know how hard Chinese students study, you will think they actually not smart enough."
That, and the fact that Chinese know when to keep their mouth shut. We don't spill the beans for you, you gotta find out on your own.

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In my opinion they are smarter than americans.
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They have a cutthroat and competitive culture that breeds non-stop rote learning. While being able to recite every square root to fill an hour's worth of time is impressive, it doesn't indicate a deeper or intuitive understanding of mathematics, physics, or any given science. Seeing as how common sense is completely lacking with regards to manufacturing businesses (melamine and lead anyone?), and how cheating is such a wide-scale problem, you'd be hard pressed, (with a little reading), to think that the Chinese have ANY sort of intellectual superiority over anyone.
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Chinese people are basically smarter because they have parents that are strict and also they defenitely try there best at everything.
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I'm Chinese. We aren't really born smart. It really depends on how quickly our brains catch up with the information we learn.

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