How To Make An Scope And Limitations For Investigatory Project?


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An Investigatory Project is one that studies a certain subject, with the purpose of tackling a pre-existing problem and aiming to provide a solution or at least further understanding.

The project is generally a school study assessment, but can be used by scientists, and works its way through setting out the introduction and the background, through to the aims, the significance, the methodology of the experiment/investigation and the procedures involved. It then states the results and draws a conclusion from that.

The scope is the investigatory project is set out early on in the aims and objectives. You state what you are investigating specifically and what areas you may or may not follow up on. Scope is the extent of reach that an investigation has, for example; the police are looking for a car thief. The scope of their investigation is a local one. He enters the next county and then another. The scope becomes regional.

The limitations are the faults with the scope. They are the problems you had when researching and investigating. They are obstacles, dead ends, a lack of time, a lack of manpower or technical assistance or even a lack of knowledge.

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