How Wide Is The Earth?


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Superficially, we can say that the total surface area of earth is 196,950,000 square miles. When divided into land and water surface, the water surface counts up to 139,440,000 square miles and land surface counts up to 57,510,000 square miles. Since, earth or the world is round in shape, its equatorial circumference is also calculated, which is 24,902 miles. Meridian circumference of earth is 24,860 miles.
The word "world" is used to refer to planet earth or something that comprises of reality and existence. Earth, also referred to as world is the largest terrestrial planet which means that it is the largest planet where human life exists. It has all the features like water and oxygen which make human existence possible on earth. Earth's formation started about 4.57 billion years ago and soon after the moon started orbiting around earth.
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That would be a different world than the one you live on.

The Earth has a mean radius of 6,371 km, so it is 12,742 km "wide" and about 40,000 km around.

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