How Will Adding Different Flavors Of Kool Aid Affect Its Boiling Point?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

The water will be affected by the Kool Aid, so that the boiling temperature will be different than if it was just water alone (which boils at 99.98°c) - but the best way to work out whether specific flavours of Kool Aid will have an affect on the boiling point is to run an experiment!

However, as Kool Aid is made up of various sugars and flavourings, I don't see that changing the flavour would make a difference. I do know though, that the stronger the mixture (i.e the more Kool Aid you add) the higher the boiling point will be.

But, in the words of Harry Hill, I guess there really is "only one way to find out". You could try about 5 flavours and write down the boiling temperature of each one to determine the outcome.

If you do try this though, please be careful. I don't know your age so please don't think I am patronising you, but if you are young please get a responsible adult to help with experiments like this, as they involve working with hot liquids which could end up scalding you if not handled carefully!

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