How Do Cells Regulate PH Level?


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A cell is the basic building block of all living organisms. It is the smallest unit of an organism. It was discovered in the year 1837.

Cell performs a number of functions in the body. These functions are crucial for every living being. One of the important functions of a cell is to regulate the PH levels of the body. PH level is very important for our body. This is because the PH levels maintain the electrical power and chemistry in our body.

Now cells help achieve the right PH level. This is done by Red blood cells that transport oxygen to the body. When these cells move through the tiny capillaries, they have to remain separate in order to easily flow through them. They have an inbuilt mechanism for this which is a negative charge on each RBC Which causes them to stay separate. This maintains the charge in the body and results in maintaining the right PH level.

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