What Is The Difference Of Physical And Chemical Property?(contrast And Compare)


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Physical properties can be measure without changing. Whereas, chemical property can be determine by changing substances chemical identity. Weight. Space, colour of molecule,size, shape, temperature, texture, are its physical properties. These can be sensed.
How does one substance react with other substance, Does it dissolve by acid, base or alkali. These are its chemical properties. You can say their behaviour....
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The rule is simple the physical properties of a substance are the one that are visible to the naked eye. They relate to the physical condition of the substance. Like Sulphur is of yellow color etc. On the other hand Chemical properties are the ones that relate to the chemical reactions of that substance. I.e the properties that relate to the substance when it is exposed to another substance.
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Physical properties are those that can be seen without altering the identity of the element. The common physical properties of substance include color, mass, solidity. These properties might be intensive or extensive. An intensive property doesn’t rely on the mass or quantity of matter in the element.

Properties that depict how a matter transforms into a totally different element are known as chemical properties; such as flammability, PH, electromotive force and corrosion/oxidation resistance. In chemical reaction the substance go through some chemical reaction by the virtue of its composition. Chemical properties cannot be determined just by seeing or touching the matter; the matter’s internal formation must be changed for its chemical properties to be examined.

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