The lake found in the highest place on the earth?


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The lake that is found in at the highest altitude on earth is known as Ojos del Salado Pool which resides in Argentina. It is 20,965 meters above sea level atop of the tallest active volcano in Argentina. However - it is not certain whether or not this area of water can be referred to as a lake due to its size and it is therefore referred to as a 'pool'.

  • Why is it referred to in this way?

The reason for this uncertainty is that a lake must cover a minimum of 1 hectares of land to be categorized as a lake. Ojos del Salado Pool only covers 0.785 hectares and therefore cannot be defined as a lake as such.
In this case - the highest river on earth is Lake Lincancabur which is found within a volcano that stands at 19,731 feet high. The lake itself is at around 19,410 feet high or 5,916 meters. The volcano is located in the Atacama Desert in the north of Chile. In addition to this - it lies on the border between both Chile and Bolivia; however people are uncertain as to whether the lake is:

  • Split across the border
  • Entirely in Bolivia
  • Entirely in Chile

If you wish to learn more about the lakes and pools that are located at the highest altitudes on Earth then you can browse the following list that contains 42 of the highest on record. Each lake is accompanied by a small description and some have pictures attached. Head to for the list.

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