What Are The Main Features Of A Hurricane?


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Hurricane is the name applied to the cyclones which keeps on moving from one place to other. They basically originate from the oceans in the regions which are near to equator especially those arising in the Caribbean Sea and in the West Indian regions. Sometime these hurricanes are also named as Typhoons. Mostly hurricane occur in there area of no activity or movement, in the equatorial belt, resulting into calm, light variable breezes lying between the northeast and southeast winds trade. Hurricanes consist of high velocity winds with low pressure at the center which is called as the eye of the storm.

The low pressure center develops when the warm air is forced up by the lighter and cooler air. From the edge till its center the atmospheric pressure decreased suddenly and the velocity of the wind increased sharply. The strongest wind which is rare is generated at that time with a speed of 124 kilometer per hour. Hurricane normally travels in the curve path just like a parabola. The areas in which hurricanes winds travel in the same direction, it results into more destruction. A hurricane normally travels at different rates. The area with low latitude, with a rate ranges from 8 to 32 kilometers and in higher regions it is almost 80 kilometers per hour.
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The Main Features Of A Hurricane are that it will destroy all things.

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