How Does Erosion Effects People?


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  • when it occurs in a large scale such as a landslide, it can result in devastation of communities, roads, land and even lead to loss of life.
  • Loss of topsoil can render the soil much less fertile for farming.
      Three quarters of the cultivated land in B.C. Is considered to have
      a high to severe risk of erosion by water; 36 percent of farmland in
      the Prairies is at a high to severe risk of wind erosion.
  • Habitat loss can negatively affect commercially important species
      such as salmon.
  • Excess sediment in drinking water can increase the cost and reduce
      the effectiveness of water treatment.
  • Coarsening and steepening of beaches, caused by shoreline erosion,
      makes them less attractive for recreation.
  • The effects of erosion degrade the landscape, making it less attractive
      from a recreational and aesthetic point of view; this can also affect
      the tourism economy.
  • Erosion damage to valuable ecosystems such as wetlands and estuaries
      reduces their ability to provide important services such as flood control,
      water storage and filtration, and protection from storm waves.
  • And in many others ways

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