How does erosion may affect coastal areas?


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Coastal erosion of sand and sediment can chronically affect a coast.
Short-term changes, such as those brought about by a major hurricane,
can erode a beach area, undercutting homes and other manmade structures
along a coast. Residential and commercial development also affect
erosion rates by disrupting or altering the flow of water, changing the
natural regime along the coasts. Long-term erosional changes occur as a
result of common—and naturally occurring—coastal processes, such as the
rise and fall of the sea level.(Approximately one quarter of the
coasts in the United States are greatly affected by erosion.)

populated coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes are
especially affected by erosion. In California, sea cliffs along the
coast are eroded by breaking waves. Along the Gulf Coast of Texas,
coastal areas, including Padre Island and Sargent Beach, have shown
extensive erosion since the 1800s.

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