What Problems Do You Face In Sahara Desert?


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The following hazards one have to face in Sahara desert:-
1. Extreme heat   - Unbearable hot is the main hazard faced by a traveller at Sahara desert.
2. Scarcity of water   - Water is precious in all deserts. Water is available only at oasis situated here and there in the deserts at great distance.
3. Scarcity of food materials - One who travels desert should carry the food materials by themselves.  Otherwise it will be available only at oasis located at great distances.
4. Scarcity of living homes  - Tents are used as living homes there which is un bearable to Europeans.
5. Non availability of Motor Transport  facilities - In Sahara Camels were utilised for passenger and goods transportation.
6. Sand Winds - Sand winds are another hazard faced by a traveller at desert.
7. Communication problem is another hazard.  Desert people are nomadic tribes and they usually lives near every oasis. They are illiterate and they spoke either Arabic or regional languages.

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