What Are The Main Constituents Of Petrol?


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Gasoline is actually a liquid mixture which is derived from Petroleum. It is used as fuel specifically in internal combustion engines.

Petrol consists of the following ingredients:

- Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
- iso-octanes and aromatic hydrocarbon toluene
- Benzene
- Ethanol
- Lead
- Dye
- Oxygenated blending
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Petrol consists of:
Aliphatic hydrocarbons including:
Aliphatic-Straight chains (E.g., Heptane),
Aliphatic-Branched (E.g., Iso octane)-30-50 %,
Aliphatic-Cyclic (E.g., cyclopentane)-20-30 %,
Aromatic Hydrocarbons (E.g., Ethyl benzene)-20-30 %
[Source: Virtual Chembook]
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Water and diesel
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Petrol is a fraction of crude oil made up of many hydrocarbons.

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