What Are The Components In Crude Oil?


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Essentially, crude oil components consist of a range of many different hydrocarbons of varying complexities. The crude oil is fractionally distilled to remove these chemical components one after the other in accordance with their boiling points.

The components are roughly split into three categories, namely light distillates, middle distillates and residue.

  • Light Distillates
There are two light distillates in crude oil. The first light distillate is naphtha, a liquid flammable hydrocarbon mixture, which is made into petrochemicals and gasoline.

The second light distillate is the combustible hydrocarbon liquid Kerosene. This is frequently used to power jet-engines on aircraft and sometimes rockets. It also has a common use for heating fuel and fire toys, like poi, for instance. In some parts of Asia, the kerosene price is subsidized and it is used to fuel small fishing craft's outboard motors.

  • Middle Distillates
The middle distillates include light gas oil, which is made into diesel furnace and also jet fuels, as well as heavy gas oil. This is further processed to produce naphtha, as well as other products.

  • Residue
The heaviest parts of crude oil are known as residues. These are processed into heavy fuel oil, refinery fuels, greases, waxes and asphalts.

Asphalt is also known as bitumen. It is a black, sticky and viscous liquid, sometimes semi-solid, which is present in most crude petroleum, as well as being found quite frequently in certain natural deposits. This substance is classed as a resin, or pitch. Before the 20th century, the name asphaltum was also often used for this substance.

  • Crude Oil Components
The components contained within crude oil are therefore naphtha, petrol, tar, bitumen or asphalt, light gas oil, heavy gas oil, several dissolved gases and of course kerosene, which is also known as parafin, parafin oil or petroleum.
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Decayed animals/ decayed plant matter
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Crude oil is mixture of many components. These components are separated by a process called refining. Components of crude oil are gasoline, gas oil, wax distillate, kerosene and fuel oil and cylinder stocks or bottoms.
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It's made up of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons - an organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon atoms.
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Yeah..good one Erlaq..
Saturated: You further break and get gas, diesel, kerosene
Unsaturated: Tar and more

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