2 Harmful Bacteria And 3 Useful Bacteria And How Do They Relate To Humans?


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Please mention the names of the bacteria
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Please help me with 2 harmful bacterias?
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Bacteria is used in various fields of life. For example, it is used in making dairy products like yogurt, and cheese.The reason is that it helps in the process of fermentation. It is also widely used in leather industry for making leather. Bacteria are also very useful for our environment like nitrogen fixing bacteria. This bacteria habitats in soil and converts the nitrogen of air in nitrogen oxides which are useful for plants. Moreover, bacteria are also useful for man like anti-biotic are formed from bacteria which are very useful for combating a number of diseases.

Bacteria also cause harmful effects like there are a number of diseases which are caused by bacterias. Some of bacterial diseases include Whooping Cough, Dysentery, Plague, Tetanus, Pneumonia and a number of others. Secondly, bacteria can also spoil food and leave its toxins in food which can be damaging for human. In this way food industry is also facing issues.

You must have noticed that there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of bacteria and all of them are linked with man. In this way bacteria relates with human.
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Thanks Amber for your answer that was to help with my homework and is really useful!
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