What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Space Research?


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- astronauts risk their lives to install equipment for research
- failing space equipment hitting the earth and killing/wounding people
- possibility of infection from alien viruses and bacteria yet comets spread these too
-high costs which could be used to help the needy or sponsor other experiments, yet money spent on all the space programs is paid to supplies and personnel who avian pay taxes. No cash is ever "lost" or "wasted" in space.
- more accurate forecasts because they can use satellites to monitor the pressure of wind and temperature
-mining minerals on the moon and planets
- learning more about the universe and its creation
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● Colonization
● Technology Advancements
● Satellites and Convenience
● Gaining resources
● Discovery of new planets
● Promotes understanding the universe
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If we send these space shuttles or artificial satellites to the space, then the each and every thing in the world has a expiry date like this these space shuttles also have an expiry date. So the dead materials very harmful to our self because if they collide each other they will fall down to the earth. That make big damages to the earth itself.
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I haven't done much research into the cons of space exploration and research, but one of the largest ways we benefit from space research is the inventions which we enjoy on a day to day basis which stem directly from NASA research or other space research. Some of these are:

- the fire-proof clothing used by fire-fighters
- safety grooving on roads, which helps defer water from the road surface and has reduced road accidents by an estimated 85% since it was first implemented.
- baby formula - a bioscience company in Marylin was testing the potential of algea as a food source in space exploration, and found that one of the algea additives contained aspects close to human breast milk.
- scratch proof lenses - the film used in the average Lens for glasses was actually developed by NASA
- medical imaging
- smoke detectors - the first ever smoke detector was invented by NASA and used in 'skylab' the first ever space station.
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Well I think that some of the advantages are that there would be more space for us to live in but the disatvantages could also mean that we would use a lot of goverment money making the ships...
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Advantages are that the research helps knowing more about the universe and also helps in research and discovery. Disadvantages is that it uses a lot of money for equipment, money wasted cannot be regained and failure here is not considered a success. The loss can affect the economy. The research is not always accurate.
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It is a lot of money to do space exploration which can better used on under developed countries
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-it costs a lot of money (billion dollars)
- it can be damaged in seconds and the project will be over
- it is really dangerous
- people could get lost in space
-you can't relax
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Space exploration
- you can learn more
- expand our enviorment
- someone could die
- is expensive
- is very dangerous
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The answer is : Its has a lot of advantages.
Space Research does not require so much money.
We can take the example of USA which uses only 0.8% of the total $4 trillion budget on space research.
USA is considered as one of the leading countries in space research.
There have been numerous inventions due to the research on space projects too.
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The disadvantages of space exploration are people could die and not even done there mission and it costs a lot of money. There is more but the advantages are saving thousands of lives by the monitoring of our planet, and way more but thats some disadvantages and advantages of exploration in space.
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Some of the cons of space exploration are that it requires a lot of money to finance the trip which can be rightly invested for a more sensible reason-like helping the needy or sponsoring experiments regarding the betterment of people.
Further understanding of the unviverse is an advantage. A disadvantage is the cost required to conduct space exploration but nothing ventured nothing gained.
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1 Disadvantage:
If you pay a lot of money to go on a mission to space and you died you just wasted your money
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You could die
money spent on space is a waste
infections spread from space
danger has increased
space junk hits earth's surface
We discover new minerals and facts
satillites give info. On weather
we are able to create new tecnology
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We can beat those Commie Russians!
We can find cool aliens like E.T.
Space chicks are hot.
We can finally find a way to send Dennis Rodman back to his home planet!
No Wi-Fi
Have you seen the movie Independence Day?
Eating floating Jello gets old after a couple weeks.
It's too big (please no "thats what she said" responses)

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