What Is The Importance Of Communication In English At Modern Era Or 21st Century?


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Communication is very important to all aspects of life. People say we lack communication in the 21st century but this is not true, in fact I would argue that we actually communicate more although in a very different way to how we did in the past. When you say English I presume you mean in English language due to its prevalence in the world.

Well, I would say it is an important skill but certainly not imperative to life. The benefit of being able to communicate in English is that not only is it a very common language; it is probably the most universal language in the world. So if a French speaker meets a Norwegian speaker, it is probably more likely that they both speak English as opposed to speaking each other's language. Therefore being able to communicate in English would mean you are more likely to be able to communicate with a higher number of people in general.

Communication affects every aspect of our life, from work and education to society and leisure. There is very little we can do without communication, in fact almost nothing at all. Communication does not just mean talking to one another; it can include body language, writing letters, texting, writing emails, sign language and any other method of conversing with others.

Without knowing English, it is still possible to get by using other methods such as drawing pictures and pointing; however this is very frustrating and can be difficult to get by in this way.  If you feel that not speaking English prevents you from traveling in the fear that you won't be understood, fear not! Invest in a translation device; I have done this to communicate in Spanish when I go on holiday and it is a true godsend.
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In order to communicate effectively, one needs a language that is widely understood and is common. Over the years, English has become that sort of language. It is the language most commonly used and understood by almost everyone. So it is easier to communicate in English as it is the best way to express ourselves.

In the present age, it has become even more of a medium of communication because it is the language of the Internet and the computer. And as most of the communication these days involves computers and internet, so it is even more widely used.
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I want the importance of spoken english for my english language for communication skills.
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English  is the universal language , it's important that all of us living on this earth try and speak that one language with ease.
It s nice when you feel that you are not a stranger ,in a strange land and also you are  able to convey what  you  need and vice verse.
Thus giving importance to learn and know this language should be made mandatory .
This modern Era is to bring people together in one shell with the medium of English.

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