What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Fax In Communication?


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Disadvantages of fax machines?
• Need a separate space for the machine.
• Needs a telephone line.
• Needs power/electricity
• Requires paper for receiving and sending faxes
• Machine needs to be on always to receive faxes. If the machine is off, we may lose the faxes.
• Large probability of losing faxes, which could potentially be important.
• Storage and Archival of these Printed Paper Faxes are very cumbersome. They'll need a good amount of space in the office.
• Aging of papers could lead to difficulties in managing records.
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Advantage: Send a true copy of files immediately.
Disadvantage: High cost of fax machine and maintenance and Fax supply depleted by fax spam.
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Main advantage is being able to instantly get a hard copy of a document, the main disadvantage is that it is only a hard copy and not electronic version. There is also cost associated with having another phone line, as well as the ink and hardware costs.
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