Why Should Business And Professional Students Strive To Improve Their Communication Skills And Why It Is Difficult Or Impossible To Do So Without Help?


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Communication is one of the most important skills in any situation, including education, work and society. As a student in business you are effectively choosing to learn all of the skills required to help you succeed in the business world; communication is definitely a required skill.

Why should you try and improve communication?

Well mainly because it will help you massively both in your studies and in your career search. When studying business you will more than likely look for jobs in business and management, these career paths involve a high level of communication. This could be in the form of communication with the public for sales, communication with partners and other companies, for business deals or doing presentations for board members or businesses.

Your ability to communicate will also be imperative at interviews, as it is something which can be easily assessed and will be a major contributing factor in whether or not you get the job.

Why do you need help and how do we learn communication?

Communication is a two way street. There is no way of communicating without the involvement of others and so to learn to do it you will also need at least one other person. Communication is basically the selection of methods we use to convey our feelings, thoughts and points of views to others. It is difficult to actually learn how to communicate well as it is partly your own personality however there are certain things which can help, for example:

· Role play situations

· Speaking in public e.g. Offering to do presentations at university or running for school/ university council places

· Work experience in customer facing or business roles

All in all communication is a very important skill to learn in any discipline, however in business it is possibly even more important. Although, it can be difficult to learn this skill, it is important and getting as much practice as possible is a good idea.

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