What Are Some Names Of Archaebacteria?


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Archaebacteria are basically a type of prokaryote. They are unicellular organisms and they do not have a cell nucleus. This kind of specie have features of both normal bacteria and eukaryotes. Their structure is like prokaryotes and the genetic transcription and translation is similar to that of eukaryotes.

They have a size between 1/10th of micrometer to 15 micrometers. Some examples of Archaebacteria are as follows:

- Pyrococcus abyssi: Are the toughest Archaebacteria on earth,
-  Haloarchaea: Used in antibiotics.
- Sulfolobus : They are used in antibiotics.
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Archaebacteria can easily stand very high temperatures and are known to exist the most early on earth when the temperatures were very high. Archaebacteria are also named as "Extremophile-It is Archaebacteria's Scientific name"
There are three groups of
So, Achaebacteria can be known by names Extremophiles, Methanogens, Halophiles and Thermoacidophiles

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