Can You List The Kingdoms That Are Prokaryotic?


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Prokaryotic Organisms

     Prokaryotic organisms have their genetic material, the DNA, organized in to structures called nucleoids which are found free in the cytoplasm of the cell. No nucleus is present in prokaryotic organisms. In fact, the name "prokaryotic" means essentially "before nucleus". Prokaryotic organisms also lack other organelles that are present in eukaryotic organisms, such as mitochondria, plastids, and Golgi.
     Prokaryotic cells are often considered to be simpler than eukaryotic cells. In some respects, this is true because prokaryotic cells do not have the membrane-bound organelles so characteristic of eukaryotic cells. However, in other respects, prokaryotic cells are very complex. Probably it is best to think of prokaryotic cells as just different from eukaryotic cells.
     Two separate Domains of prokaryotic organisms are know to exist. These are the Archaea and Bacteria. These two Domains are probably as different from each other as they are from Eukarya (the Domain of eukaryotic organisms).
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Prokaryotes are group of animals which lack nucleus or other organelles. These are unicellular organisms but few are multicellular. There are two major groups of prokaryotes like bacteria and archaea. The archaea are newly appointed group. They live in inhospitable conditions  like extreme temperature,  radiation and pH.  for more details of prokaryotes, visit
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Either kingdom eubacteria, kingdom archaebacteria,kingdom protista, kingdom fungi, kingdom plantae, or kingdom animalia

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