What Is A Federal Program That Exemplifies Social Structure Theories?


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Social Security unemployment benefit is an example of a federal program which could exemplify social structure theories.

Social structure theories claim that people who are in a disadvantaged economic class positions contribute more heavily to the crime statistics than those in more advantageous positions. 

The theories also state that living in lower class neighbourhoods causes more strain, frustration and disorganisation than those outside of these neighbourhoods would suffer, all of which can go on to create higher levels of crime.

Social Security unemployment benefits could exemplify social structure theories due to the link between low income populous areas and the higher crime rates often seen in those areas.

Poverty itself is a large contributing factor to these issues, with up to 20% of children in the United States of America living in poverty in recent times.

Unemployment benefits tend to only keep people in poverty, as they have no reason to escape the cycle that receiving these benefits puts them in whereby they would end up worse off if they took a job, than if they were to continue taking the hand outs given to them.

This culture of poverty which gets passed from generation to generation only serves to exemplify the theories further, as the apathy, cynicism and helplessness that comes with the disadvantaged position that people on such federal programs feel can also lead to desperation.

In turn committing inappropriate or illegal activities to either supplement what income they have or simply because it becomes a way of life and they see no way out anyway.

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