What Is Social Environment Theory?


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Some business scholars says that not only relying on the electronic theory one must consider the social environment theory which deals with the social behavior of human beings and their environment. So social factors plays an important role in the communication of messages, they help sending messages from one place to another. Many people are working together in an environment where they interact with each other on daily basis. Every person have some role in any certain environment it may be possible while working in an environment as the manager he should talk with his friends and colleagues with a different perspective. Social factors should be considered so that the communication should be according the situation and culture of our society.

So many things should be noticed when communication to each other whether you are communication officially or just within the family and friends. In order to take care of social factors, many things such as role of person, status, environment where communications to other person should be considered. If you write wrong letter to the wrong time then it is difficult to achieve its objectives so these should be carefully taken into consideration. So the influence of social factors plays an important role in the communication process.

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