Why Are Flowers Different Colors?


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The whole point of a plant having a flower, is to attract insects to collect the plants pollen, and therfore reproduce. Over generations certain plants have struck mutual partnerships with certain insects. Therefore every plant is advertising to a different insect to come and collect its pollen, so they each evolve their own coloured flowers to act as advertising boards, and to make themselves recognisable to their particular insect...
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Hello! You probably know that roses have been cultivated for a very long time. If you look in the Heirloom Roses store, you will see that there are currently hundreds of types of roses. When I wanted to order roses for my garden, I was told in Heirloom Roses customer service that all roses can be conditionally divided into three groups: Old garden roses, which have a strong aroma and bloom once a season; wild roses, which are almost always pink; and modern hybrid roses, which are robust and continuously blooming but often have a lighter fragrance.

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Shifty37 is 100% correct. It's evolution ;) though some of them have been bred or genetically altered by humans to be a certain color or show certain traits.

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